E3 Energy & Environmental Engineering E3 Energy & Environmental Engineering will gladly perform the project management for your project. In all phases you can rely on personal management during the whole project (from the definition until the successful project completion).

  • Definition

In this phase of the project we analyse the initial position, the conditions and limitations. We formulate concrete objectives and requirements for the project. We have a look at the risks and we point out countermeasures. We will prepare a rough concept of the tasks. All these steps are the basis for the schedule, resource requirements and costs of the project. As a result of the first phase there will be a project order, a project outline or a specification sheet.

  • Planning

Here the details are worked out. A project team will be formed. A work breakdown structure and a activity package description has to be created. The milestones and the interfaces must be defined. One has to talk about the responsibilities. Planning of time and communication has to be carried out and the requirement of resources and budget must be calculated. At the end of this phase there will be a kick-off-meeting with all participants.

  • Control

Here the results are produced. We will take over the project controlling so that the results are consistent with the objectives and requirements of the project. The results have also to be within the scope of the planned resources, schedule and budget. Therefore a regular exchange of information is implemented as well as a comparison between the work plan and the actual tasks in the project. By identification of derivations of the project plan we initiate appropriate measures to control the project.

  • Completion

The results will be evaluated together and the acceptance of the project follows. There will be a reflection of the lessons learned. The handover of the project will be prepared and all of these steps will be reported in a comprehensive final documentation. For the project completion there will be a final meeting with all participants in order to present the results, to give each other feedback and to celebrate the success of the project.